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Just a note on the low level laser treatment. I had lower back surgery in early 2008, and have been sore there and around my hips since the surgery. In the meantime, I’ve seen chiropractors, acupuncturists, massage therapists and physicians, and received temporary relief, usually no more than one or two days, but more likely in single digit hours. Given that, I’m skeptical about therapies, and experience little or no placebo effect. The laser therapy was different, especially after its application to the lymph gland in my shoulder. I felt relief, and it lasted for days after the first session, and a whole week after the third session. Thanks, and I appreciate your work and a sore-free low back.                                                                                                 Carr, Timothy B., Medical Librarian, Dallas VA

My Husband started the cold laser therapy for his chronic snowboarding injuries and this therapy helped a lot after nearly 4-6 sessions he was beginning to feel his old self again. Christy 

The A & M Assorted Therapy Website is very accurate and informative. It's friendly user website answered all the questions I had about the services possible through this innovative technology.

I had a frozen shoulder and was treated by Ambereen one time. At the time I could not lift my elbow up to 90° but after the treatment I was able to regain full movement and my pain was all gone! Thank you so much I am so grateful for this therapy!. Christy

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